The longevity of our products and the environment of our
employees are important to us. We care.

Swiss Quality

Filter units

In our environmental policy we commit ourselves to take action and improve the environment continually while complying with all relevant legislation.

Efficient filter units with separation units highly above regulations are promoting better work conditions in the company and a nearly absolute dust free exhaust air.


A recycling rate of over 95% of all materials shows the efforts and the innovations in matters of resource conservation and environment.

The energy consumption has been steadily optimized with new methods in the last few years.


The security and health of our employees is of highest priority. Therefore the workforce receives a continual training and development.

The overall productive capacity from the production network of AMG is based on the expertise, the dedication and the know-how of our employees.



Reduction of the consumption of the fossil and the electrical energy sources, in particular policy of measures to reduce CO2 emissions.

Reduction of the use of raw materials through suitable selection, permanent process controls and the replacement of raw materials with regenerators.

Reduction of transports.

Optimization of the disposal – largely recycling of residues for reuse or further usage.