AMG is casting in the aluminium sector. The value
chain starts with the construction and planning up to
the finished casting piece ready for occupancy.

Swiss Quality

Construction and Simulation

The road to success starts with the development of a new casting piece with the cooperation between the employees from AMG and our clients.

The inflow of casting know-how during the construction period allows an economic implementation in the production later.

Casting simulations and strength calculations give the possibility to check the behaviour visually of the casting piece during the casting process next to the later usage.

Thereby specific functional properties of the casting piece can be selectively controlled.

Model Assembly

Long-term experiences play an important role in the model assembly.

The configurations of the models happen according to the macroeconomic considerations of our experienced employees.

In cooperation with specific external model builders new models get produced and if necessary revised.

Smaller adaptions and maintenances are done in our own model assembly at Alu Metall Guss.


We concentrate on the production of complex, technologically sophisticated casting parts out of aluminium alloy up to
7,5 t weight per piece.

The forms can be produced economically on the block moulding machines. Smaller numbers are suitable for the flexible hand moulding.

The forms that get produced in the no-bake process guarantee dimensionally accurate casting parts with highest quality.

As we are looking after the environment, our moulding sand gets recycled, same with 95% of all the materials used by Alu Metall Guss.


In the aftercare, the casting parts receive their finishing touch.

Production welding is made by hand with the TIG-Method efficiently and with a repeat accuracy.

Fully automatic welding machines complement our bonding. Modern automatic welding machines ensure the highest mechanical parameters in casting parts.


AMG-smelters only use primary aluminium and the alloy wished from our client is produced on our own.

This procedure guarantees flexibility when choosing the alloy and makes it possible to adjust the composition of the alloy targeted inert the standard limits for alloys.

The competence in metallurgy is a further requirement for the casting of high quality aluminium casting pieces and the satisfaction of the necessary mechanical characteristics.

Core Room

The core production takes place on core shooting machines with the cold-box-process or is made by hand with the no-bake-process.

For a smooth surface of the casting pieces, the cores get protected with coating.

Special binding systems that are suited to our conditions are guaranteeing an economical production and are helping the environment at the same time.

Quality Assurance

With the necessary process testings’, radiographic examination and the control at the end, the excellent quality of the casting parts gets documented.

CNC Machining

In order to deliver casting parts for their final use, machining is needed necessarily.

The earlier, the foundry- and machining specialists start to jointly address this challenge, the greater the chances to find an economic solution.

Through its close cooperation with foundry- and machining specialists during the development period AMG is already one step ahead.


For the mechanical machinery of great aluminium casting parts AMG has vertical lathes and big gantry- or column- type milling machines available.

Moreover, the measures are eligible to use the capacities of our machinery partners throughout entire Europe.

Measuring technology

Besides the general measuring technologies AMG also possesses a coordinate measuring machine that is able to measure components up to a size of 6000 x 3000 x 2500 mm with an accuracy of µm.

The generously proportioned, air-conditioned measurement room allows an easy handling of great components.

Paint shop

You have to paint your casting parts? We spray with conventional paint systems next to environmentally friendly water-based paints in our paint shop.


Do you have to assemble any attachments to your casting pieces or for further assemblies any pre-assemblies?

A flexible production gives us the possibility to handle different assembly operations between the process steps or the end control/packaging.