Our story

More than 100 years of aluminium casting history.
One team, one goal – we live the future.

Swiss Quality

Who we are

AMG produces great high quality aluminium sand casting.

High casting quality combined with an excellent service and consulting.

100 years of casting experiences show know-how and professionalism.

A huge international family lets people work together from different nations and cultures.

Perfection – attention to detail. Even in casting it is possible.

Casting parts ready for assembly. Everything from one source.

AMG Group

  • AMG
    -Alu Metall Guss AG

    Gontenschwil (CH)

    AMG Alu Metall Guss AG - Gontenschwil (CH)
  • S.C.
    Alu Metall Guss S.R.L.

    Deta (RO)

    AMG Alu Metall Guss SRL - Deta (RO)
  • AMG
    -CNC AG

    Ried Muotathal (CH)

    AMG CNC AG - Ried Muotathal (CH)

Awarded the

GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for Heaviest Aluminium Casting

Weighing 7.300 kg in 1999

Guinness World Record for Largest Aluminium Casting

100 years of history

For more than 100 years AMG-Alu Metall Guss has developed to be the worldwide specialist of precision casting parts.

Most important milestones so far:

  • 1903

    Founding of the company in Gontenschwil

  • 1907

    Development of Gontenschwil – next to the Alusuisse – to the centre of the alu casting technic

  • 1937

    The alloy Gontal 106 (226) is developed

  • 1950

    AMG employs 350 employees

  • 1974

    A 1.014 kg heavy aluminium casting part is manufactured and used for cladding a three-stage European rocket

  • 1989

    The production is aligned to great casting pieces and gravity die casting

  • 1995

    AMG takes over the Georg Fischer Leichtmetall AG (Schaffhausen)

  • 1999

    AMG handles a massive job: It casts the world’s heaviest aluminium casting piece, weighing 7.300 kg

  • 2001

    AMG changes name to
    AMG-Alu Metall Guss AG

  • 2002

    New market entries change the product-mix to medicine, engines, trains, energy

  • 2005

    Founding of the S.C. Alu Metall Guss S.R.L.
    in Romania

  • 2006

    Founding of the AMG-Turgi AG

  • 2007

    Founding of the AMG-CNC AG

  • 2010

    S.C. Alu Metall Guss S.R.L. builds
    a new factory in Romania

  • 2011

    Founding of the AMG-Schweiz Holding AG


  • Efficiency Improvements

    The introduction of "lean production“ results in more efficient AMG-processes.

  • Participation at the HP Recycling Program

    With the HP cooperation the HP products can be reused and the environmental impacts reduced.

  • Optimizations in the Quality Process

    With newest programmes it’s now possible to create the certificates for our products in just a few seconds.